The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: ‘Guinea Pigs – All About These Fun and Unique Animals as Pets’

It’s a delight to have my article, Guinea Pigs – All About These Fun and Unique Animals as Pets, in the Spring 2023 issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! Did you or someone in your family have guinea pigs as pets? To read the article, click on this link: The Old Schoolhouse – Guinea Pigs—All...

’23 Ways to Add a Touch of Lavender to Your Day’ in Bella Grace Magazine (Spring 2023)!

My list article, 23 Ways to Add a Touch of Lavender to Your Day, is in Issue 35, Spring 2023 of Bella Grace Magazine! To read the rest of the ways to add a touch of lavender to your day and to see the lovely photos accompanying my article, find a copy of it at...

Article on Calgary’s Hungaria Ball Published in Our Canada magazine

I am happy to share that my latest article, about Calgary’s Hungária Gala Ball, is published in ‘Our Canada’ magazine’s February/March 2019 issue! The title of the article is ‘A Night to Remember’ and includes a couple of photos of the Hungaria Ball. I hope you enjoy reading it!

‘Adventures in Apricots’ Published in Harrowsmith’s Almanac 2019!

Thank you to Harrowsmith for publishing my article, ‘Adventures in Apricots’, in the Fall 2018 issue of Harrowsmith’s Almanac 2019! The photo of the apricots is beautiful!

‘Folk Tree Lodge: Bragg Creek Writers’ Retreat’ in Opal Writers’ Magazine

Here is the October 2018 edition of Opal Writers’ Magazine! Look for and read my article found on page 11 in this issue, ‘Folk Tree Lodge: Bragg Creek Writers’ Retreat’: Opal Writers Magazine – October 2018 – Folk Tree Lodge by Barbori Garnet Opal Writers Magazine – October 2018 – Folk Tree Lodge by Barbori...

I’ll Be a Regular Contributor to Opal Writers’ Magazine!

I am happy to share that I will be a regular contributor to Opal Writers’ Magazine, starting with the October 2018 edition!

Editors Canada Conference 2018

Barbori Garnet and Leonie Pipe co-presented a session called ‘Working With Virtual Teams’ at the Editors Canada Conference on May 26, 2018 in Saskatoon, SK. It was great to meet and work with Leonie! Leonie came all the way from New Zealand to be at the conference in Saskatoon!

Calgary Young Writers Conference (CYWC) 2018!

Barbori had a great time presenting her session on ‘Pictures and Images: The Making of Stories’ at the Calgary Young Writers Conference last Saturday, April 21! The students attending, who were in grades 4 to 8, were all so eager and enthusiastic to learn more about writing!

The Calgary Young Writers Conference (CYWC) – April 22

Seeing the enthusiasm of young writers who want to learn all they can about the world of writing is always so inspiring! On Saturday, April 22, I had the opportunity of presenting my session, ‘Words and Games’, to young writers in grades 4 to 8. It was fabulous to see their enthusiasm about all things...