‘The Gift of Journaling’ Is Here!

‘The Gift of Journaling’ Is Here!

Published the first week of April 2024, The Gift of Journaling: Writing as a Path to Discovery is now available! Learn tips, get prompts, and find encouragement for turning journaling into a fulfilling practice of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Order your copy of The Gift of Journaling today on Amazon.com, Amazon.ca, or from Barbori here.

The Gift of Journaling: Writing as a Path to Discovery

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  1. Amanda Jane Haack says:

    The book on journaling was an excellent read. My favorite chapters focused on maintaining a Creativity journal, a Gratitude journal, and a Travel journal, with the Interests Journal being the most thought-provoking. The most impactful statement was, “Creativity flourishes when we have a sense of safety and self-acceptance.” This resonates deeply with me, as I’ve come to realize this truth through my own journaling journey. I am fortunate to have embraced journaling many years ago, and I continue to enjoy its benefits through my daily practice. Thank you for your insights.

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