I love to share my knowledge and passion on many topics through writing! Learn more about where you can find my published articles in various local, national and international publications:


Freelance (Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild), The Resilience of Being a Writer, Fall 2023
The Old Schoolhouse, The Canadian Schoolhouse: Five Years of Supporting and Encouraging Canadian Homeschool Families, Fall 2023
Bella Grace Magazine, 23 Ways to Add a Touch of Lavender to Your Day, Spring 2023
The Old Schoolhouse, Guinea Pigs – All about These Fun and Unique Animals as Pets!, Spring 2023


The Old Schoolhouse, Virtual Work at Home: A Great Option and Solution for Moms, Families, and the Home, Fall 2022
The Canadian Schoolhouse, Smoothly Transitioning from Home Education to Post-Secondary Education, September 2022
Opal Writers’ Magazine, Journaling for Writers, July 2022
Opal Rising Magazine, Support Your Health with a Health Journal, July 2022
Opal Writers’ Magazine, The Home Office: Getting to Know Others and Making Connections, January 2022


The Canadian Schoolhouse, Grande Prairie – Things to Do and See, December 2021
Harrowsmith Magazine, Fields of Love: Five growers, from coast to coast,
                              share the joys and challenges of growing lavender in Canada, Summer 2021


Opal Writers’ Magazine, The Writer’s Home Office: Setting Goals for Your Writing Space, November 2020 – on pages 10-11
WestWord (Writers’ Guild of Alberta), What Is Hybrid Publishing?, October-December 2020
Harrowsmith Magazine, Working from Home on the Farm and Homestead, 2021 Fall Almanac


Alberta Gardener, The next generation of farmers and Growing apricots in Alberta, 2019

Opal Writers’ Magazine, The Road Trip Retreat, July/August 2019

                               Mountain Hotels with Cozy Cafes, May/June 2019

                               The Writing Retreat at Home, March/April 2019

                               Buffalo Mountain Lodge, February 2019

                               Read about this inspiring retreat at: Opal Writers’ Magazine.

Our Canada Magazine, A Night to Remember, February/March 2019

Opal Writers’ Magazine, The Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity: A Beautiful Retreat Place, January 2019

Read about this inspiring retreat at: Opal Writers’ Magazine or by clicking here and going to page 9 in the PDF: Opal Writers Magazine – January 2019 – The Banff Centre by Barbori Garnet.


Opal Writers’ Magazine, The Gushul Studio and Cottage, December 2018

Read about this inspiring retreat at: Opal Writers’ Magazine or by going to page 6 in the PDF: Opal Writers Magazine – December 2018 – The Gushul Studio and Cottage by Barbori Garnet.

Opal Writers’ Magazine, Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society: An In-the-City Writing Retreat, November 2018

Read about this inspiring retreat at: Opal Writers’ Magazine or by going to page 9 in the PDF: Opal Writers Magazine – November 2018 – Alexandra Writers’ Centre by Barbori Garnet.

Opal Writers’ Magazine, Folk Tree Lodge – A Beautiful Bragg Creek Retreat, October 2018
Read about this beautiful foothills retreat at: Opal Writers’ Magazine or by going to page 11 in the PDF: Opal Writers Magazine – October 2018 – Folk Tree Lodge by Barbori Garnet.

Harrowsmith Magazine, Adventures in Apricots: How to grow apricots in a cold climate, Fall 2018


The Writing Project, The Habitat for the Arts for Poetry Month, Jasper, AB, The Happy Life of Socks at Jasper’s Laundromat, April 2017


The Warbler’s Song: A New Collection of Canadian Poetry, The Case of the Missing Book, Fall 2014

WestWord, Creating a Community of Young Writers, January/February 2014


Calgary Metro Newspaper, Mind your own business!, July 4, 2012. Read the article at: ‘Mind your own business!’ in Calgary Metro on page 11.


Countryside & Small Stock Journal, It takes dedication, January/February 2011


Formation: A Collection of New Canadian Short Stories, Mirrored Reflections, Fall 2010

Balaam’s Donkey, Ambrose University College, Staying Involved in Politics After the Election is Over, October 2010
Read the article at: ‘Politics’ in Balaam’s Donkey on page 3.


Campuse Life Magazine, Come to Kelowna, Summer 2009

Campus Life Magazine, Tennis, Calgary Style, Summer 2009​

Phoenix Student Newspaper, University of British Columbia Okanagan (UBCO), 8 Things To Love About UBC-O, Spring 2009


The Inkblot, Being a Leader, Volume 13, 2007

Gumbo Teen Magazine, Scoliosis: A Road to Recovery, July 2007

Practical Homeschooling, A Day At Our House, May/June 2007


Calgary Herald Neighbours, Music forms integral part of growth, October 26 to November 1, 2006