Canadian women have been doing very well at the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio. It is great to see that their athletic careers are being supported and encouraged by Canada and that their hard work and training has been recognized and rewarded in the winning of medals.

This same support should also be in place for the careers of Canadian women who are not athletes. Some of the best ways to make this happen include:

– Companies being proactive in taking steps to ensure that more part-time jobs can be available as work from home jobs and that full-time jobs could be done either all or partly from home; and
– Making it easy and straightforward, through lower start-up and running costs and lower taxes, to start and run a business.

It is time to truly bring Canadian womens’ careers into the 21st century by utilizing all technology to make work from home jobs and careers more widely available. Providing this option could allow more women to be there for their children while at the same time giving women another option for making money and contributing to their RRSP. Plus, working from home would be better for the environment – gas emissions would be reduced as there would be fewer cars on the road commuting to and from work.

Take Action:

– Talk or write to your manager or company’s CEO to ask what steps are being taken to make more jobs available as work from home positions.
– Support women in your life who are pursuing a career which would enable them to work from home.